Content is King


The fastest-growing trend in digital marketing is “content marketing” - providing free educational material to your prospective clients, so you position yourself as an authority and attract high-quality leads to your business.


The “content” is the educational material you provide - in the form of articles, newsletters, videos, webinars, slide shows, podcasts, special reports, whatever. And the “marketing” part simply means you provide it free – and spread it far and wide.


Here’s the key: You provide genuinely useful material – which people can get value from even if they never do business with you. That’s the big difference between this and traditional marketing, which has been mostly about advertising. It’s also different from a lot of social media marketing, which is all about building relationships. 


So yes, Internet marketing is still about getting more people to your Web site, so you can promote your products and services to them. But the way you get them there has changed.

It’s no longer enough to expect people to visit your website to find out you’re an expert. Now you have to prove you’re an expert before they ever visit your website.


Some of it might already be on your website. But is it getting out there elsewhere on the net for people to find?


Of course, this is the sort of stuff many of us have been doing for a long time.

You might have cut out magazine articles and sent them to clients, or given somebody a complimentary copy of your book, or written a special report for download from your website, or invited people to attend a webinar, or, … You get the idea.


In fact, if you’ve been in business for any reasonable time, you’ve probably got content coming out of your ears. But you might not have released much of it for marketing purposes. 

Don’t let that work go to waste! Sure, you can continue selling them as products, but also think of ways to use them for marketing purposes.


You’re sitting on a gold mine of material you could use. So start mining!


The bad news is if you don’t take advantage of these opportunities, somebody else will. Your competitors are the people who deliver the same message as you, but in different ways. And if you’re not building your reputation on-line, your customers and clients will find other people who are doing it. And those competitors are reaching out to your clients from anywhere in the world.