I am an experienced content marketer specialising in blogs, email news, website text, property adverts and digital content. I did the hard yards as a journalist and magazine writer, so I know all about deadlines, crossing the t-s and dotting the i-s. With my passion for property and design, I've been the editor of high profile national magazines. 

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I established REALWORDS to provide the property and real estate industry with a higher standard of writing. My service is in demand – from property developers, real estate agents, architects and designers to retailers and manufacturers - even concrete companies.

Cardiologists, optometrists, tax banks - you name it, they find me. I work with numerous clients, creating web, social media and blog content, writing adverts, brochures, media releases, email newsletters and opinion pieces.

Whatever writing you need - I can do it. 


As editor, I worked alongside the publisher to plan and create stories that would engage and excite a dedicated readership of property investors. It was a huge task and I was drawn into the realms of property investment just as the Auckland market was really starting to hype. There were many rewards - I worked with amazing designers who blew me away with their patience and creativity. I also discovered a fantastic team of writers that I can rely on to help me out when needed. 


I work with numerous clients, writing adverts, media releases, web and blog content and emails. I've been editor of the Real Estate Journal, Sunday Star Times - Domain magazine, NZ Home & Entertaining, now HOMES; assistant editor of ProDESIGN; NZ editor of Luxury Home Design and Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly. I contribute to Resene's Habitat and I have written for Urbis, NZ Home & Garden, Sunday Star Times, Sunday News, Food, Architecture NZ, NZ Landscape Architect, (British) 25 Beautiful Homes and Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms magazine and I write regular blogs on the environment and urban issues for Ray White Ponsonby. 


The Committee for Auckland is a thought leadership group with a vision to make Auckland a better place in which to live, work and play. In this role, I raised awareness for the organisation's events and activities, generating numerous stories and opinion pieces in the NZ Herald, NBR, Idealog, magazines, on social media and international news channels. 


Tax Pooling is a difficult one to sell. This innovative company had already convinced most of New Zealand's top 100 companies that it was an efficient way to manage their tax - saving on interest rate payments and penalties. But numerous small businesses throughout New Zealand still hadn't caught on. I have produced numerous case studies to explain in a simple, personalised way how people in different industries saved money and hassles by using the TMNZ service. Getting people to talk about their tax can be tricky. But once they opened up to me, it became easy. As part of a small team, I made significant inroads to support TMNZ in achieving its goal of becoming New Zealand's leading tax management company.